Founder and Lactation Specialist in Clinical Training

Mireya Tecpaxochitl Gonzalez is a first generation Purepucha Breastfeeding Specialist at Chichihualli Lactation, support group Leader at La Leche League USA, and Advocacy Chair at BreastfeedLA. Tecpaxochitl is an Indigenous breastfeeding mother from a Mexican background who advocates for breast/chestfeeding, planetary, infant and child mental, and perinatal mental health. Tecpaxochitl is also founder of Chichihualli Lactation, a community nonprofit organization that provides trauma informed, Indigenous centered, and culturally congruent breast/chestfeeding support and education with an emphasis in protecting, preserving, and restoring breast/chestfeeding as an ancestral tradition for Indigenous people of Cemanahuac or North/Central America living displaced in Los Angeles, California. 


Tecpaxochitl holds a B.A in Urban Education with an emphasis on teaching at risk populations including populations with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), and has over eight years experience working as a Behavior Therapist for young children with ASD. In addition to being a Lactation Educator and perinatal mental and infant/child mental health advocate, Tecpaxochitl is currently a Public Health graduate student preparing to advocate for lactation, environmental, and infant and perinatal mental health within public health and early childhood intervention prevention frameworks.


By breastfeeding both of her children who are now two and six years old, Tecpaxochitl has successfully restored breastfeeding and self weaning traditions alongside babycarrying, cultural ceremonial observances, and agricultural farming of ancestral foods; components to a heritage which were disrupted in her family lineage due to poverty, forced migration, and displacement of rural Indigenous people in Mexico through recruitment for US guest worker programs. Tecpaxochitl is actively engaged as a Lactation Educator in her community in Los Angeles, where many others collectively share visions and efforts towards restoring a rich Indigenous heritage that centers sacred birth and attachment parenting practices. Tecpaxochitl views access to lactation education and support as a critical and essential component to healing intergenerational and epigenetic trauma, and environmental, reproductive and social justice movements. In her services, Tecpaxochitl takes an ecological, sociocultural, and trauma informed approach that builds on the strengths of Indigenous people, communities and family lineages. Tecpaxochitl makes it her priority to return breast/chestfeeding resources to urban marginalized Indigenous communities in order to empower breast/chestfeeding families to build on ancestral, historical, generational, and personal resiliency.